Natural Mystic Wellness Center is located near downtown Port Orchard and offers Traditional Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Mama Baby (postpartum) Yoga, Swedish Massage, Pediatric Fascial Balancing, Reiki, Meditation, Shaman healing, MELT classes, healthcare provider workshops, self care classes, self care tools, books, dvd’s, and organic handcrafted skin care products and massage oils.

Shontel Sutton Heim, LMT, RYT, Birth Doula, Reiki Practitioner
Shontel has practiced yoga since 2001 and became a Registerd Yoga Instructor of Traditional Hatha Yoga in 2010. Shontel graduated with honors from Ashmead College in 2003 and has since owned Natural Mystic providing injury treatment and deep tissue massage. A new addition to Shontel’s bodywork offerings is Pediatric Fascial Balancing for newborns, infants and toddlers. She attended Seattle Holistic Center with Collette Crawford for training and certification in Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga. In 2013 Shontel opened the wellness center to blend her worlds of massage and yoga with her passion for natural medicine and holistic health. She has been studying herbs and nutrition for 20+ years, and is currently enrolled in East West School of Planetary Herbology to become a Clinical Herbalist. Shontel weaves all of her education, experience, and passion for healthy living into her classes and massage treatments for a holistic approach.
Shontel has been creating organic herbal salves and massage oils for almost 20 years. She uses all organic and wild crafted ingredients. See more info about these products on the Retail page.


Monika Adams –I was introduced to MELT in 2012. As a massage therapist, I always encourage self-care for my clients. Now I am excited to be able to share with you MELT’s easy to learn self-treatments that you can start using today, which will help you get out of pain and stay out of pain. I provide small group and one on one instruction.  I am a MELT Method Instructor, Licensed Massage Practitioner,  I have a Masters in Adult Education.
I offer an Intro class the first Saturday of the month (Jan, July & Sept – it’s the second). Once you’ve attended an Intro (with me or another instructor)  you are welcome to join me for any other classes. I focus on helping you perform the moves correctly so that your more precise and enhance your MELT practice.
Feel free to call any time.  (360) 536-8092 –I’ve always got something in the works!  I look forward to seeing you at a MELT class!






Mary Peters, Modern Shaman/Earth Keeper   

Mary is a shaman energy healer, also known as a medicine woman. She is a student of the “The Light Body School” through The Four Winds Society created by Alberto Villoldo, PhD and chose to study under Alberto because he apprenticed for 20 years with the shamans of the Amazon and Andes, and is a medical anthropologist studying the brain and psychosomatic wellness. She completed the formal two-year program and continues working with The Light Body School through master classes.

Through the Medicine Wheel, she can aid in your healing to bring you to your highest spiritual self and help you understand and release self-defeating patterns of behavior.

Shamanic Energy Healing includes:
• Illumination and Core Energy Healing: Damaging patterns/imprints cause us to repeat the same old story in our lives over and over. Illumination and energy healing combusts and releases old wounds, clearing the imprints from the Luminous Energy Field. Once the energy body is cleansed and released, the immune system strengthens, and overall health and well-being improves, allowing a person to start fresh and write a new story for their lives.
• Re-Set Fight or Flight Response: Many of us have experienced trauma in one way or another that sets us into a fight or flight response. When a person experiences this, they are unable to think or function as usual, the immune system is compromised, and chronic fatigue occurs.
• Extraction: This includes extraction of crystallized energies that have solidified in the Luminous Energy Field due to a lack of energy flow for a prolonged period. The process also includes extraction of fluid energies and entities that move freely through the Luminous Energy Field but are foreign to that energy field and can create a parasitic relationship with the host.
• Soul Retrieval: Destiny-Retrieval practices are extraordinarily effective and powerful. Many of us were wounded during childhood. As a result, a part of our soul runs away and does not feel safe. This is a shamanic journey in which you participate to find your lost soul-piece and bring it back.
• Death Rites: Death is the ultimate journey. We want to complete our unfinished business and fully release the Luminous Energy Field from the physical body. Shortly before death, the doorway between the worlds open and we want to go home to the spirit world. From time to time, death goes wrong as does a birth process and the death rites are something very precious to offer to a loved one in this transition.

Other Shamanic Offerings:
• House and Building Cleansing
• Shamanic Ceremonies
• Rites of Passage
• Herbal Teas
• Organic Soaps and Lotions

Availability: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
(360) 871-9677

Ancient wisdom meets modern neuroscience. Transform. Transcend. Heal